We are here in Kathmandu to deliver quality drugs on competitive price within the valley for free delivery.Best Quality Online Pharmacy in the Community in Kathmandu, Nepal. And also we are happy to give information about different disease and their drug. we continuously work for our costumer to provide better care and service.

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Our goal is to exceed patient and clients expectation. Customer expectation and satisfaction is only a objectives. Community online pharmacy is always happy to help you through phone, mail and other social media.


Types of service we provide is;

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As a full service independent pharmacy, community online pharmacy and our team realized that selecting the right pharmacist is as important as selecting the right doctor. Your pharmacist is your quarterback. A good pharmacist will let you know about potential side effects, drug to drug interactions and the availability of generic options due to the high cost of prescription health insurance. Communication with you, your doctor, and the pharmacist is key to proper medication use